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     I was raised in both France and Sweden and studied languages and advertising. Although I was always passionate about dance, I never thought about making a living from this art… until 1999 when it became obvious. I had been doing ballet and jazz since I was a child but it didn't seem to be taking me anywhere. I had to experiment with other dances before connecting with belly dancing in 1993 with Kamellia in Paris. To improve my understanding of the music I studied oriental rhythms and percussion with Hassan Abdel Khalek. After working for 6 years with various orchestras and dance companies, I became a professional dancer, performing in diverse venues such as cabarets at night and school carnivals in the morning. In Berlin I danced dabke (lebanese folklore), in Plaisir (France), I danced for the screening of "Al Massir" (Destiny) in the presence of the director Youssef Chahine, and for the opening celebrations for the year of Morocco at le Zénith (Paris) with AICOO, at "l'Olympia" with Natacha Atlas, at the prison "Fleury Mérogis" for world music day, at "le Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione" (Paris), at "le théâtre du rond-point" (Paris) with E. Baer and F. Rollin for several "Grand Mezze", but also on the "boules" ground of a social home for workers (foyer SONACOTRA, ADOMA) with the Gazelles. I toured in France and abroad with Ziyara, a fanfare playing oriental and North African music: l’Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris), le Centre Culturel de Rencontre de Luxembourg, les Nuits du Ramadan de l'Hôtel de Ville (Paris), festival de l’Oh!, Rock ici môme (kind of " Woodstock" for children from 3 to12 years old (france)...

My desire to deepen my knowledge and do research in the field took me to Cairo, the womb of oriental dance, and to New york where I graduated in Isadora Duncan studies (Isadora Duncan International Institute). From this point I felt ready to live, express and share my point of view with my own dancing. I danced in Egypt, Malaysia, Greece, Tunisia, India… all these travels forged my identity. Sought for dancing for the Sultanate of Brunei as well as for the Christmas Eve of "les petits frères des pauvres" (humanitarian organization for excluded people over 50), for wealthy people, or for the wrap party of the film Chouchou (M.Allouache). I also worked with NGO's such as HOPE / Pondichery / india with children after the tsunami.

These fifteen years of professional experience led me to be chosen by N. Ayouch as bellydance coach for lead actress, Laura Ramsey, for his film Whatever Lola Wants. Working on the film gave me the chance to develop a teaching method that had remained intuitive until now. In additon to coaching I also choreographed scenes for the film. I am just back from Morocco, where we put the finishing touches to the editing of La Methode Lola, a 10 DVD set (Ali'n Productions) that should be released in 2010.